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Scary Bandleader

A high school band teacher used his students for free labor, working his farm, as he indoctrinated them into a “cult” to prepare for Doomsday! Read the shocking story.

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iScary Podcast Update

As we start producing iScary videos for TikTok, our iScary podcast will be release monthly for the rest of the year. Join us on the first Monday of every month for scary news and commentary. Listen to past episodes HERE.

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Scary Remains

Las Vegas is known for it’s days as a mob town, and while that’s a thing of the past, it might be coming back to haunt locals. As a devastating drought continues to hit Western states, the water level in Las Vegas’ Lake Mead has dropped, and it just exposed a weathered, oil barrel with…

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Surprise Passenger

A driver calls the police for help when he hears a weird noise in his car but can’t find anything. What they find stuck in his car’s wheel well is shocking! Read about the find!

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