Grim Reaper?

A Canadian man woke up to find two Grim Reapers waiting for him on the shore of his Lake Erie home. The homeowner’s first reaction… Read More »Grim Reaper?

Icy Scare

A romantic walk along an icy shore takes a scary turn when a portion of the ice breaks off, trapping a 45-year-old Alaskan man on… Read More »Icy Scare

Scary Dumb

Anger leads to a dumb move but it backfires when a man upset with Canada’s mask mandates calls the wrong town with a bomb threat.… Read More »Scary Dumb

Scary Hiker

A Brooklyn man gets in over his head, twice, while hiking in Arizona. On back-to-back winter days, the 28-year-old man tried to reach a summit… Read More »Scary Hiker

Reptile Man

A man was stopped at the U.S./Mexico border and quickly discovered to be a smuggler. Hidden on his body in plastic bags were 52 live… Read More »Reptile Man