iScary Episode #12

“Freaky Friends”

It’s the people we meet that shape our lives—or freak us out! In the first news item, we look at how to connect with our loved ones after they die. In the second, an old boyfriend gets a little too friendly. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

News story #1: Bring the Dead to Life
News story #2: Check Under Your Bed

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Host: Ann Kimbrough
Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak
Announcer: Zach Mercer
Newscaster: Sydney Story
Go Into the Story Players: Grinnell Morris, Sydney Story, Zach Mercer, and AI programs: Synthesis and Blaster Online.
Music & SFX: ZapSplat
Created & Produced by Wyatt Pashak & Ann Kimbrough
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