iScary Episode #24

“Scary Visitors”

When it comes to our homes, we usually get to invite who comes over. However, in both of our new stories, some uninvited visitors scare the residents. In the first news story, a creepy doll is discovered by new homeowners. In the second one, an apartment building becomes invested with maggots due to a deadly reason. 

And this is a special episode for us, because our newscaster, Sydney Story, is our guest host! Turns out, she’s really good at scary stuff because she grew up with ghosts!

News story #1: Creepy Doll
News story #2: Maggots

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Host: Ann Kimbrough
Guest Co-Host: Sydney Story
Announcer: Zach Mercer
Newscaster: Sydney Story
Go Into the Story Players: Grinnell Morris, Sydney Story, Zach Mercer, and AI programs: Synthesis and Blaster Online.
Music & SFX: ZapSplat
Created & Produced by Wyatt Pashak & Ann Kimbrough
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