iScary Episode #9

“Surprise Attack”

Nothing scares us more than things that attack, especially when we think we’re safe. At least, we should be able to feel safe on a bus or drinking tap water. In our first story, things get bloody on a bus ride. In the second one, a hacker threatens a city. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

News story #1: Blood Bus
News story #2: Hacking Your Water

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Host: Ann Kimbrough
Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak
Announcer: Zach Mercer
Newscaster: Sydney Story
Go Into the Story Players: Grinnell Morris, Sydney Story, Zach Mercer, and AI programs: Synthesis and Blaster Online.
Music & SFX: ZapSplat
Created & Produced by Wyatt Pashak & Ann Kimbrough
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