The iScary Podcast discusses weird headlines ripped from current news! They come from our best scary blog posts and get into the spooky, wild stories behind the shocking news items.

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iScary Show List:

Episode #1: NOT SAFE Something is not right in the news, at least not for a couple of towns. In our first story, the local hospital has an interesting way to make extra money, and in the second it’s not safe to use the elevator. 

Episode #2: BAD NEIGHBORSScary can live in the nicest of neighborhoods and both of our news story attest to something evil at work in suburbia. In our first weird news story, mysterious death threats are at work; and in the second, it’s just not safe to sit out on your driveway to enjoy the sunset.

Episode #3: KID TROUBLEKids, kids… the trouble that finds them can be scary! Take our first story about teenagers at a theme park. It gets bloody! And in our second story, Uber-bright college students pull a prank that shows how easy it is to turn all our electronics against us.

Episode #4: SCARY CREEPERScary can sure creep up on you and today’s episode proves it! From roommates that party with a corpse in the back room to a growing Big Foot problem, according to some people, in National Forrests.

Episode #5: STRANGE THINGS — Strange things—and help—come in many packages. In our first news story, a gamer saves the day. In the second, it’s a mystery who’s leaving presents in a suburban neighborhood. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Grinnell Morris

Episode #6: SPOOKY SCARES — Messing with children is the lowest, and both our news stories today tap into that kind of scary. In the first story, someone’s watching in places that should be safe. In the second, a doll scares everyone. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

Episode #7: SMILING DANGER — Mental health drives these two news items, unless it’s something even more disturbing. In the first story, a man released from prison too early acts out. In the second one, cutting down an alley freaks out a man heading home after a long night of partying. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

Episode #8: GHOST STORIES — Ghosts could be at work in these two news stories. In the first one, something strange affects pets near a bridge. In the second one, justice is finally served and it’s hard not to think a ghost had a hand in the outcome. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Grinnell Morris

Episode #9: SURPRISE ATTACKNothing scares us more than things that attack, especially when we think we’re safe. At least, we should be able to feel safe on a bus or drinking tap water. In our first story, things get bloody on a bus ride. In the second one, a hacker threatens a city. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

Episode #10: SCARY HOOKUPSLong distance love backfires in our first scary news story when two hotties with everything to live for make a deadly decision. Then it’s another scary story about getting into a stranger’s car, even when it’s an Uber. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Mike Pashak

Episode #11: GHOSTS & GREEN MENThings go bump in the night! In the first news story, we check-in on the scariest house in the world. In the second, little green men get into politics. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

Episode #12: FREAKY FRIENDSIt’s the people we meet that shape our lives—or freak us out! In the first news item, we look at how to connect with our loved ones after they die. In the second, an old boyfriend gets a little too friendly. Host: Ann Kimbrough, Guest Co-Host: Darcy Pashak

Episode #13: SCARY XMAS — The iScary Christmas special delivers 3 holiday-inspired news stories to break up all that goodwill and holiday cheer. Host: Ann Kimbrough


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