Protect Yourself

At iScary, we cover a lot of freaky news stories, so we’ve tracked down some items that offer protection and give you a little peace of mind. These are tools we believe in, but they do have affiliate links. No purchase necessary, but if you check them out it will help support our show! And we thank you! Most of all, we hope some of these tools will protect you from all the crazy stuff out there!

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Personal Security Alarm

The Birdie is made by women for women. As one of our guests pointed out, the best way to fight back is to run, and an alarm not only attracts attention but can startle an attacker and give you the chance to get away to safety and help.

Traveling Safety

Hotel rooms can leave you feeling trapped if someone pounds on your door or tries to break-in while you’re sleeping. You need time to call for help, and this combo can do the trick. The HNHMT Upgraded Portable Door Lock & Door Stop Alarm works as a wedge for the door and extra security at the door’s lock. Easy to use!

Smallest Stun Gun

Easy to carry or clip on a purse or keychain is a little tool that you’ll be happy to have with you if your attacked by an animal or a person. It’s Guard Dog Security Hornet — the world’s smallest stun gun keychain.

Ultimate Survival Locator

If completely unplugging is your thing, then this survival kit could be worth the sticker price. It’s the ACR GLOBALFIX™ V4 and ResQLink 400 Survival Kit with a personal locator beacon, ditch bag, and safety gear. It’s only for serious adventures but a life saving tool.

Jewelry Can Save Your Life!

The invisawear Smart Jewelry wristband is a personal safety device that you can press and instantly send out an alert with your location to five people. It’s a panic button on your wrist. The best part, it’s stylish so she’ll wear it. That means help will be there on her wrist when she needs it.

Safety Keychain for Girls

It’s adorable and packs a punch full of safety. Hook onto a backpack, purse or keys to have it at the ready when and if needed. The Funseeya Keychain contains multiple goodies from personal safety to everyday useful tools and a little style.There’s an emergency sound alarm, a whistle, a carabiner clip, a no-touch door opener, bottle opener and a cute pom pom.