Haunted house

Headless Body

When a decapitated body falls out of his car, it’s hard for a self-professed cannibal to escape justice after a car accident. Read the shocking… Read More »Headless Body

Killer Deal

Lizzie Borden strikes again, as her former home — and the site of the 1892 murders of her father and step-mother — has been sold… Read More »Killer Deal

Covid Ghosts

Staying at home during the pandemic started out okay for some people but brought out some unexpected things — Ghosts! READ THE SPOOKY TWIST

Another Haunted House?

A new report claims that there are more haunted houses since the pandemic. Really? Haven’t we already been through enough? READ THE REPORT

Haunted House Body

When a decaying body is found in an abandoned house, it mysteriously burns down. READ THE STORY